Friday, January 3, 2014

How to make money from blogging - A perfect way for start

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This post is about knowing how to make money online from blogging  through the proper gateway. 

This is formula like algebra, if you stick to the formula there is no one to stop you from becoming successful, my mentor told me this & I want you to do the same for you & let you know that you can achieve same thing without being a Guru!!!! Yes It's True!!!!!! Today is your day......

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Now here is the reality
This is the successful formula to know how to make money online from blogging

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to make money from Blogging - A Viral Facebook Formula

                 Viral Facebook Formula

Today I am going to share with you how to earn money from blogging  with a formula which is Successful through Facebook.

Of course everyone have a Facebook account &  Blogger like us must have it.......


Here is the deal - 
With this Awesome formula you can have access to the - 
  • How to attract friends & followers FAST!!!
  • How to get more shares!!!!!
  • Targeting the specific Niche within the Facebook...
  • How to maximize your lead in Facebook...
  • Finally getting the leads 
  • Converting Into sales........
This method is applied by a lot of user & They got the result

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to earn money from Blogging - Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tips

One of the biggest secret of how to make money from blogging is to know affiliate marketing properly. Today here I am going to share you the secrets of Affiliate marketing that a lot of bloggers in the network marketing Niche is doing right now.

It's very easy & we all can do it because we Bloggers blog everyday which is of course a key to the success.

It's a powerful way to add income income streams that work on the auto pilot on the rest of the time.

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In our Prosperity Team We have got access to various things which as a blogger if you want to earn money it's very important.

Here are Just a few benefits of  Prosperity team which helps the people to stick with the system 

  • Steps of setting an AUTO RESPONDER for the Leads.
  • Very effective DONE FOR YOU TRAFFIC.
  • Daily "THINK & GROW RICH" mindset calls - Monday to Friday( Morning).
  • Daily Internet marketing Webiners -  Monday to Friday (Noon).
  • Daily action assignments & accountability. 
  • FACEBOOK group Mastermind.
  • Training Site( for all recording & tutorial training).
  • MARKETING SYSTEM & pages that do all the heavy lifting for you.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY a partnership with top internet marketers,offline marketers. 6 & 7 Figure Income earners regularly.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to Make Money From BLogging

What if a Single Step can change your life!!!!!!

Today I want to take you another step forward to know how to make money from blogging. I want you to just think before you take a step toward your destiny. It's a post for new year,Every body takes new year resolution,What's yours,I know you want to earn Probably you are in a debt too,What if I can tell you the secret of Becoming out of the agony of your life.Trust me I am here for you. I was in you position. I was unable to pay my college fees!!! But I revived , I revived from the  miserable condition I had gone through,I can tell you that you will be able to out from it definitely that's my promise to you.That's why you are here.

Imagine what a Blog can do you life. Probably you don't know & that thing I know the reason I was in your situation too.I revived because I followed some instruction from the proper way & I have done what exactly they told to me.That's the formula my friend I am here to tell you. I call it Prosperity formula. Because when I started to use it my life became much easier than I thought & My dreams were becoming true within a few days,Because It's Like Mathematics if you put proper equation in the proper problem only then you will be able to solve it.That formula is just One Click away from you. 

My Friend Our life is just like a circus & Becoming successful & making money,Living in dream world is just the difficult jugglery of that circus. I am here to show you ,to train you how to do it properly in front of the world so that you can do it where ever when ever you want to be.That's My promise my friend, If you can follow exactly same formula I will tell you.

It's Totally up to you, Your single decision.You can walk away from here thinking That you can't do it that's up to yo my friend, You definitely can close this tab & think again that How you are going to overcome from your current miserable situation. Or You can follow my formula by clicking here. I can guarantee this much my friend that it will change your life drastically.You will know the exact formula how to make money from Blogging by Three simple method Article posting,Picture posting & Creating Videos what ever you want.

So What are you thinking after reading my  Little article??? Did  It make any sense ??? Are you  ready my friend to take one step forward to your dream life where less work,giving enough time to your family you can earn What you might never imagined!!!!!!! 

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 Above method displayed is one of the best way to increase your come & to know How to make money from blogging . 

How to make money from Blogging - Creating a Proper Blog

A proper Blog for earning money

I will show you here how to make money from blogging through a proper blog. For a proper Blog You need to exactly how you are going to prepare the Blog.This is the vital portion of learning & trust me it's very easy If you follow the Simple Rules. I have Elaborated all the details in Perfect Blog Formula or you can Visit My network for more Details too. Here I am saying just a glimpse of it.

Proper Subject for Blogging - 

I am strictly saying it that Choose a subject where you can Sell your Product, it is the best way.It may be anything i.e. May be your Blog is about helping the disabled, so what you need to to do is Setting up the profile in such a way that when people comes in your profile they get the help from there.Always Try To Help Others at First & Only In This Way You Will Be Able To Succeed.(Remember This Always).

Regular Posting 

The Important thing about regular blogging is getting your website more in the front page of Google so that when people search about the relevant keywords they will first come to your blog & thats what will increase your sell.

Proper Keyword Research Before posting

It's another biggest Criteria.Proper keyword is research is the base for a successful,if your content is rich but you don't know how much people will search for your keyword you won't be able to make any sell.That's what people lacks most.I have mentioned Beginners Search Strategy Elaborately please visit there so that you can clear all you r confusion how to do it first.Later I will post about the higher strategies in detail. 

These are the pretty basic strategy for you ,elaborated one for you is in  My Blog Formula.

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It is an important & valuable method to know how to make money from blogging.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to make money from Blogging

I am Arka Majumder,a student of MBBS in India. Today I am going to tell you how to make money from blogging & the secrets of making money from it.Its very easy if you can share your time with me & trust me time is money,more time you spend in proper way more you get the money.

Earning money from blogging is Easy if you follow some steps which I am going to tell you in this post.I have seen many people searching for earning online from the internet then they find some thing on the worldwide web they eventually start but they didn't get the result,It happened to me before,When I first started to look for the Online money marketing I joined lots of network But I was unable to succeed because I messed it up totally,No one helped me on that time.I had to found it by myself & it took me a lot of days.Now I am doing it properly & living in my dream lifestyle.

That's the reason I am writing because I want to help all the people from the beginning.After the system I realized I already spend so much money then,it just took a few day to revive my conditions, & i think all of them who are new in this market if they can follow my formula they will succeed because it's logical.

When I started I found a lot of 'GURU' of the online marketing who has their own blog or website but no one will ever told how to start,because I find it's the most important thing from earning money online from blogging,making videos selling your own products basically whatever you can do.Now here in my blog I will show you the exact way to start & doing fresh if you are willing to follow.

There are lot of networks which can give you the exact opportunity to Income & trust me they all are great, Most important thing is You have to stick with it & do it in the proper way I am going to show you in this blog.There are MLSP,Empower network,Level one network etc( You can Search it on the internet their gurus will tell you a lot but I have seen whats lacks there is how to start & what is the initial steps so My advice is stop wasting your time with verification as they are not scam & you can click my given link below or you can do it with your own way),trust me they all are good.If you are stated with anyone you can do it with them or you can just go here.Its your decision your choice what you are going to do.

I myself used many of stuffs now I am with Empower Network & It's doing great form me & it can also do it for you,If you are willing to do it,you can do it where ever you can may be its your own system or You can follow mine,but the important thing is You have to follow the proper steps if you are willing to succeed .

Now there are some rules I followed from the I got the break through-
If you want to earn money you have to take prompt action or other will take your place, You can sit & watch & also you can close my blog page & start thinking that it's not your type of job,but I am telling you that yes you can do,It doesn't matter what you do,how much you are tech freak or how much you are good at programming,Certainly not.You can do what ever you want! you can write about it, you can make a video & post it or give some pictures.Now I like to write & some time I make some videos that works for me.It will also work for you but you have to do it right now,no matter what are you doing.

Here some basic thing first for you if are willing to making money from blogging or online.These are the starting rules my friend, I know newcomer are the greatest sufferer in this networking system & the reason is they quit before starting it,I have been there & I know what it feels like to be.But I can assure you can follow my rules follow the methods I will tell you.I am now very early in my career there a lot of Internet Giants I know who make millions of dollars within a month,trust me they are real I have seen it & for that you have to be very focused what you want to do.You don't have to do it for a long period just one to two hour a day will produce money if you follow my ways with proper dedication.For me I am a budding doctor I want to help the poor people by treating them & being an Indian I will love to serve my country men & do some thing for them.For this purpose I need money I knew,Now I help a lot people near my area.That's what brings me satisfaction!now that's for me!you may have different Ideas of enjoying life,you can do it.

Now here are the basic starting rule-
You need a blogging platform for the proper people who will pay you for your work.If you have it you can continue with that or you can Work with me I will show you the ways of doing that & for that Click here.
Next important thing is doing the work daily,what you are doing primarily with proper dedication & the easiest way is blogging.
In my next post I will tell you how to Do the Proper Blogging.See you in the next post.

So if you are willing to work with me You can go to the Link below & please leave your comments because I am here for all of you to help you to build your dream world by showing you how to make money from blogging.
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